Reebok Hungarian Squash Masters, 11 – 13 May

  • 9 May 2018 3:52 PM
Reebok Hungarian Squash Masters, 11 – 13 May
The Reebok Hungarian Squash Masters 2018 Master Open Event is one of the 11 ESF Circuit events, and now has the new status of a Grand Prix event.

Prosquash Akadémia  in partnership with Griff Squash & Fitness Club and European Squash Federation invites Xpat squash fans to the 5th Hungarian Squash Masters to be held in Budapest.

Date and time:  
11 May at 9:00 to 13 May at 17:00

Griff Squash & Fitness Club
1115 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 152.

Available via

Men’s: +35, +40, +45, +50, +55, +60, +65, +70
Women’s: +35, +40, +45, +50, +55, +60, +65
Players are only allowed to enter one category.
If not enough entries in some age groups, categories might be combined.
The TD reserves the right to amalgamate age groups if there are insufficient entries to make a workable draw. Players are only allowed to enter one category.

This event is open to all players who are over 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 on the first day of the event. The event complies with the ESF Masters Circuit Guidelines, a copy is available here 

All entries must be approved by the player’s MNA, entries with any objection from a MNA will not be accepted. As specified by the WSF and ESF, players must hold an active Squash Player Identification Number (SPIN) to compete in all ESF Registered events. Players without a SPIN can register through the WSF website 

The seeding will be carried out by the Masters Sub-Committee Seeding Panel using the latest available results and ESF Masters Rankings valid at the closing date and in accordance with the ESF Masters Circuit Guidelines.

All matches played will consist of the best of five sets, under the rules of the WSF. All players are guaranteed a minimum of three matches. The Tournament Organisers reserve the right to organize plate matches consisting of the best of five sets. PAR 11 scoring (to 2 clear points) will be used.

Maximum draw size: 64 (3 day event).

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