65% Of Hungarians Work All Summer

  • 29 Jul 2018 6:21 AM
  • Budapest Business Journal
65% Of Hungarians Work All Summer
A shocking two-thirds of Hungarians will not go on a holiday this year, with 70% of this group already missing out on holidays last year, research by online marketplace Jófogás says.

The company’s survey, filled out by nearly 8,000 participants, revealed that the majority of respondents think it is not worth going on a holiday, as it is financially burdening, disruptive of the job routine, and it is difficult to coordinate holiday dates with colleagues.

Only 7% of the responders are planning to have a holiday for longer than two weeks, with the largest portion of participants preferring holidays of between two days and a week. 

Despite the seemingly grim numbers, this year’s statistics represent an improvement over last year.

One-third of the respondents will actually go on a longer holiday than last year, with 42% taking the same number of days off as last year.

Instead of one long holiday, Hungarians seem to prefer shorter, more frequent ones. 

In terms of destination, the research claims that 53% prefer domestic trips with 47% opting to travel abroad.

While a quarter of those who aim to take time off plan to spend HUF 50,000-100,000 on holiday, and another quarter plan HUF 100,000-300,000, 19% set a more modest budget of HUF 30,000-50,000.

A third of respondents say they want to spend more this year than last, most considering HUF 10,000-30,000 more per person a realistic target.

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