‘Disturbed’ Passenger Triggers Scare At Budapest Airport

  • 17 Jul 2018 8:04 AM
  • Budapest Business Journal
‘Disturbed’ Passenger Triggers Scare At Budapest Airport
A passenger appeared to be disturbed and allegedly started praying at Terminal 2A of Ferenc Liszt International Airport this morning, leading to the brief evacuation of the terminal at one point.

According to online news portal index.hu, the erratic behavior of the passenger - described in various reports as Muslim or Arab - caused airport security to remove his backpack and investigate its contents.

During the operation, people were asked to leave the terminal for a period of approximately 20-25 minutes, but searches revealed nothing unusual in the manʼs bag or on his person.

The airport operator, Budapest Airport, denied that the passenger had presented a security risk, describing the incident as a “medical case.” The man was taken away by the ambulance service. 

According to a later update on news site 444.hu, security was called out not because the man was allegedly praying, but because of his strange behavior.

In addition, it noted, it emerged that the man, who had approached the check-in, did not hold an air ticket, and that subsequent identity checks revealed that he was being sought for disorderly conduct and possession of drugs.

MTI Photo: Kovács Tamás

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