Hungarian Nudist Season In Full Swing

  • 24 Jul 2018 8:27 AM
  • Daily News Hungary
Hungarian Nudist Season In Full Swing
One out of five Hungarians has been to a nudist beach, reports The most popular such beaches in Hungary are the Naturist Beach and campground in Balatonberény, the Naturist Oasis Campground in Délegyháza and the Naturist Beach in Sziksófürdő. 

Usually there are twice as many men as women, and two thirds of the nudists is over 41 years old.

Being at a nudist beach is not about watching the others. Nóra Keresztes, marketing manager of said that the main motivation is more about naturism, freedom and being closer to nature. 

Contrary to this, about one third of the nudists will take a look at others if they have a cute body.

From the answers of the true nudists we know that “being naked is natural, so they do not peak at each other. Those who come in order to watch others are not real nudists at all” says Keresztes.

True nudists take off their clothes without any shame. Of course, aside from the nudist principles, most have some practical reasons too.

Many dislike swimsuits leaving marks on their bodies, while others do not wear swimsuits because of hygienic reasons, trying to get rid of synthetic clothing.

Most nudists do not care if they run into acquaintances or even make new friends without a stitch of clothing on them.  Most go to the nudist beaches and campgrounds with their partner, and there are a lot less who go with friends or alone or with their family.

45% of them only sunbathes or swims naked, 55% does sports or visits the buffet nude.  When planning the vacation only half of them care if there is a designated nudist beach close to where they are planning to go.

According to the public, there are not enough naturist beaches in Hungary for the tourists. The good news is that most people who are not naturists do not have a problem with nudists. Most think that they are friendly, natural, some even say they are brave and it is wonderful that they accept themselves the way they are. 

Here is a breakdown of the nudists by age:

ages 51 and up: 37%
ages 41-50: 31%
ages 31-40: 20%
ages 26-30: 7%
ages 18-25: 5% also asked people who do not go to nudist beaches if they would take off their clothes if there would be no chance of running into acquaintances. But only one-third of those asked have said yes. 

Although it is not allowed to have sex on nudist beaches, out of all the people asked, one third replied that they have seen couples having sex in public, but not on nudist beaches. There is a bigger chance of catching people having sex on a remote part of the beach, in a boat or in the water.

Source: Daily News Hungary,

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