Jobbik Accuses Fidesz Of Betraying Conservative Intellectuals

  • 13 Aug 2018 11:27 AM
  • Hungary Matters
Jobbik Accuses Fidesz Of Betraying Conservative Intellectuals
A lawmaker of the radical nationalist Jobbik party accused ruling Fidesz of having betrayed Hungary’s nationalist conservative intellectuals.

“Pursuing an arrogant, aggressive policy hostile to intellectuals, Fidesz has now become a party of book burners,” Koloman Brenner (pictured on top) told a news conference.

Be under no illusion, “everybody will have their turn”, the lawmaker said, referring to a “culture war” within Fidesz against ex-minister Attila Chikán, museum director Gergely Pröhle and former Hungarian Academy of Sciences president József Pálinkás, as well as to recent appointments of pro-Fidesz leaders to some schools.

“It is high time for conservative, nationalist intellectuals still loyal to Fidesz to wake up”, he said, adding that left-wing and liberal intellectuals are no longer capable of renewal, and the Socialist party should disappear so that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s rule can be dismantled.

Political regimes that suppress free speech have always been doomed to fail and become objects of contempt for generations that follow, the Jobbik lawmaker said.

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