St. Margaret's Sunday School Budapest Starts New School Year

  • 3 Sep 2018 1:52 PM
St. Margaret's Sunday School Budapest Starts New School Year
From the organiser: We are pleased to welcome Mitchelle Wangari as our new Sunday school director and teacher. Mitchelle, a member of our Saint Margaret’s community, is completing her medical studies in Budapest.

On most Sundays of the school year, Father Frank meets briefly with the children at the beginning of the service. The kids then head off to the Sunday School lesson – which usually also includes a craft or activity of some sort. The children return to the chapel at the conclusion of the service and share with the congregation what they have learned.

Saint Margaret’s also offers its unique Pray-and-Play carpeted area for children under five-years of age for whom the regular Sunday School programme might be a challenge.

The Pray-and-Play carpet allows the young people to remain in the chapel with the congregation and under the supervision of their own parents throughout the service. Pre-school toys and colouring materials are available but parents are also welcomed to bring items from home.

The Sunday school classroom adjoins our worship space at both locations – Svábhegy and Fasori. Study and activities mainly follow the lessons from the weekly Scripture readings and Gospel accounts read during the service itself.

Occasionally, a block of weeks will be devoted to a specific theme or topic and will include a Bible reading with craft activity connected to the subject. The main age-range for these Sunday school activities is 5-12 but all are welcome. For further information, please contact Father Frank.

Date and time: starting from 16 September, 10.30 am, nearly every Sunday 


Protestáns Szakkollégium
1121 Budapest Svábhegy, Eötvös út 35.

Fasori Gimnázium
1071 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 17-21.

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