Video: EU Makes History With Vote Against Hungary

  • 14 Sep 2018 8:37 AM
Video: EU Makes History With Vote Against Hungary
For the first time ever, the European Parliament has voted to sanction a member state. Hungary's accused of flouting EU rules on democracy, civil rights and corruption with government attacks on the courts and media seen as a threat.

The allegations triggered the vote which could mean Hungary being stripped of its EU voting rights, but that's unlikely to happen as its ally Poland, which is also facing sanctions, will veto the move.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his government have taken a strong stance against migrants and Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said the vote was "petty revenge" by pro-immigration politicians. He also claimed the parliament's decision was "fraudulent" as abstentions were not counted in the final 448-197 vote.

So what’s next for Hungary, and indeed Europe? Watch what the following guests have to say:

Pieter Cleppe, head of the Brussels office for the think-tank, Open Europe.
Martin Mycielski, director of public affairs at the Polish based Open Dialogue Foundation. 
Baptiste Roger-Lacan, the founder of the pro-EU think-tank, Le Grand Continent.  

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