'90’s Fever' Quiz Night, Hedon Taproom, 27 September

  • 19 Sep 2018 3:06 PM
'90’s Fever' Quiz Night, Hedon Taproom, 27 September
Did you enjoy the 90’s? If you can remember them then come on down to our 90’s quiz night at the Hedon Craft Beer Taproom and enjoy a fun night of nostalgia and great craft beer to boot. And yes it’s all in English!

Sometimes questions are more important than answers.

We’ve got good quiz questions, even better quality craft draught beers from Hungary and the region (just tapped 3 new Brew Dog beers…yummy) and we’ve got the only bar in central Europe that allows you to pour your own craft beer, where you can tap yourself happy!

Do you remember the ’90s?
Can you imagine wearing those colorful clothes now?
Have you ever watched the Titanic on VHS?
Are you familiar with Tamagotchi and Tetris?
Did you ever want to go to a Spice Girls concert?

If all your answers are yes, you were probably born before 1990, and HEDON Quiz Night is calling you now!

Assemble your dream team with 3-5 people, choose a nickname to your crew, and send a simple message on Facebook!

It’s worth it, because every member of the best team will win a Taproom Card with 3 000 Ft on it!

Funny questions and happy craft beers are waiting for you at 7 pm on Thursday 27th of September at the HEDON Bazilika Taproom!

Not enough for you?

At HEDON Bazilika Taproom you can choose from 30 craft beers on a self-service beerwall.

Yes, you heard me correctly, from thirty different quality draught beers!

And if that’s not enough…if you say „Xpatloop”, your 1st glass of beer is free!

We are waiting for you with open arms!

Click here to visit Hedon Taproom online

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