Clickforwork: Usborne Books Are Available In Hungary

  • 23 Aug 2018 12:32 PM
Clickforwork: Usborne Books Are Available  In Hungary
There is an essential webshop Bookuniverse in Hungary for anyone who likes Usborne books. We all know Usborne as the UK’s leading specialist. As a company they are constantly innovating, looking for new ways to engage children with books and reading. And by now they are fortunately here in Hungary as well.

Thousands of Independent Usborne Organisers across the UK and Europe have created their own 'pop-up bookshops'. They sell our award-winning children's books at home, at toddler groups, pre-schools, schools, libraries, clubs, fairs and of course online. Why here in Hungary?

„We like to read very much and we consider it is very important for our children to become open-minded, informed, confident, read-minded adults.”– said Anna, the founder of the webshop Bookuniverse. „Besides we also would like our children to speak confidently and fluently in English without any inhibition”- added to it.

Would she has too much wish? For a long time Anna did not know how to do this, but then she found Usborne, and it was really a „love for the first sight”. However, since Usborne the publisher is based in England, the acquisition of publications was neither simple nor inexpensive. But she seems to have done well. More and more families buy Usborne books from her, which makes her endlessly happy, since she plays an important role in the Usborne miracle.

Almost 600 books are available in 18 categories at now. In August, Usborne released nearly thirty new releases, of which the smallest and the bigger ones also find their favorite ones, in the webshop:

For the youngest they offer the newest from That’s not my series: That’s not my giraffe… where one can find a giraffe that is fortunately will be found by the end of the book, but we will meet many other giraffes while there will be so many thing to finger out on the pages! In addition, there is a little mouse will be on each side who is also waiting to be found. Original Price 2800 Ft.

Do you know Baby’s very first train books? They are is beautifully illustrated and have real veels. In this new edition, you can join a panda who goes all around by train. The train travels around the city and the country, while giraffe, crocodile, lion, teddy bear and bunny will also join the pandas on this excursion. Original price: 3200 Ft

My first Xylophone book was a real wish for a long time. A real xylophone is atteched into the publication, and 9 well known songs can be played easily following the colurs in the book.Original price: 6800 Ft.

For kindergarten and little school groups there are two new features: one belongs to Phonocs readers series:  Flamingo plays bingo. The other one is a wonderful pop-up book, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

You will also enjoy stickers and booklet that engages your child, such as First sticker books Jobs, Little first sickers, Extreme sports stickers. Little first stickers Zoo and Extreme sports sticker are also great favorites because stickers can be re-put on the paper. The original price of Zoo and Jobs is 2400 Ft, while the  Extrem sports costs 2800 Ft.

And finally also some tipps for Browsers, educators, and cards. The latest volume of the Look and Find series:The Forest has not disappointed us! It is an exceptionally beautiful publication to help you get to know the wildlife.

The other publication is not just a simple browser because it also includes a puzzle!

This is A Bugs picture book and jigsaw, where you can find numerous beetles, and also puzzle it. The original price is 4000 Ft.

The webshop will be in English soon, so everyone can easily follow all the newest editions.

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