Invitation: International Onion Festival, Makó, Hungary, 10 -12 September

  • 5 Sep 2013 12:45 PM
Invitation: International Onion Festival, Makó, Hungary, 10 -12 September
"Makó is known far afield for its onion cultivation which holds its festival on the second weekend in September, once the summer working season is over. It features a carnival parade and star performers, artistic shows and exhibitions, next to sporting and cooking competitions.

The Onion Festival in a cultural sense has become synonymous with Makó as it not only displays the customs of this area, but it has become part of its heritage. Organised since 1991 the event has several purposes: review and perspective, feast and fair, recreation and entertainment.

Thus the weekend-long event consists of professional presentations, a fair, cultural and sporting programmes. An annual feature is the horticultural exhibition and the international scientific conference on an onion- or garlic-related topic.

A host of cultural side events accompany the Onion Festival. Usually participants try to outdo a Guiness record, and there is the customary parade. Festival guests may visit the Makó Spectacular Waxworks, or watch a brief theatre production presenting town history.

Naturally, gastronomy is a focus of the ongoings. The Makó Healthy Basket traditionally contains apples, onions and garlic. A culinary and visual attraction is the deomonstration kitchen where delicious dishes are prepared in unusual ways. Another festival highlight is the crafts fair where handmade souvenirs can be purchased.

Sunday equestrian competitions are at the core of sporting events. In the B category, competitors contest for championship scores. The C category is open to less experienced horses and their riders. An entry charge applies to participants. All other sporting events can be visited free of charge."


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