Hungarian Krétakör Theatre Foundation Says No To KEHI Inquest

  • 20 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
Hungarian Krétakör Theatre Foundation Says No To KEHI Inquest
The Krétakör Theatre Foundation yesterday announced that it has refused to co-operate with a government inquiry into NGOs that receive funds under the Norway Grant scheme.

It said it had consulted lawyers about the legality of the investigation, and they opine that the government supervisory office KEHI has no right to audit the funds.

A number of NGOs have received registered letters informing them that KEHI wants data from them regarding funds obtained from Norway, the foundation said.

The KEHI inquiry shows that the cabinet wants to extend its power to areas where civilians have access to funds from a source independent of the government, executive director Stefánia Kapronczay of the Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) told Népszava on Thursday.

The goal is to intimidate civilians and silence critics of the government, she added.

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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