CÖF: Norway Grant Hungarian Recipients Subject To Gov Scrutiny

  • 15 Jul 2014 9:00 AM
CÖF: Norway Grant Hungarian Recipients Subject To Gov Scrutiny
Hungary’s civil organisations winning grants from the Norway Fund must not “sidestep” a review by government agencies, just like any other group using taxpayers’ money, CÖF-CÖKA said on Monday. “State control is not only a possibility, it is also mandatory, and a prerequisite of creditability,” the government-allied CÖF and associated foundation CÖKA insisted.

“Mutual control” over funds from Norway’s central budget given to civil groups is in the interest of both the Norwegian and Hungarian governments, it said, adding that those funds must only be utilised to promote goals approved by both countries and under Hungary’s fiscal rules.

Neither state can, however, interfere with the other’s party politics, not even in an indirect way, CÖF-CÖKA said.

In June, several groups complained over a request by the government control office (KEHI) for data and declined to comply with its procedure on the ground that it was illegal for a government body to examine funds received from another country.

Source www.hungarymatters.hu

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