Marta Wessely, Gastronomy Blogger

  • 16 Apr 2013 12:00 PM
Marta Wessely, Gastronomy Blogger
As a fresh IT engineer graduate I became a product manager at Matáv (today Magyar Telekom). I took part in product development projects preparing for the market liberalisation, then became a manager of main business processes development.

 I changed departments within the company and became one of the internal consultancy team as an advisor of main business processes. I had been assigned sub-projects, such as the ADSL project in 2002, and prepared EFQM reports for various segments of the company.

When my twin daughters were born I started participating in internet forums discussing issues related to raising twins, which resulted not only in becoming a co-author of a book on the subject, but also led to launching my gastronomy blog „Mirelle’s kitchen”.

Although in the beginning it was intended for fellow parents, it soon became obvious that a virtual cookbook full of detailed recipes and a lot of illustrating pictures was also of help to others.

The blog brought along various requests and soon I found myself helping a new cookery school launch and carry through its courses. During the four years I spent with this I had the chance to work together with chefs and practice food photography. I started writing for magazines and newspapers.

Besides all these activities I kept my blog alive. Besides seasonal recipes I also write restaurant and book reviews plus I always post articles about our travels. In 2010, readers voted my site among the ten best gastronomy blogs in the Golden Blog award, while in 2011 the professional jury chose it as one of the best 11 gastronomy blogs of Hungary.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Budapest, Buda, more precisely, Naphegy („Sun Hill”). I am a true Buda resident.

If you are an expat can be anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
I’d like to live in Spain or England.

Friends are in Budapest over the weekend - what you need to ensure that you see and do?
The Castle, Margaret Island, the city center and the Szentendre Island is worth a visit as well.

What is your favorite food?
Rice and meat. It's a true Hungarian specialty with a lot of meat, vegetables and rice. Most often we eat it with pickles.

What's your favorite sport / exercise form?
Walking. Especially I like walking, even very long distances.

What is your favorite place in Hungary?
Sopron, Kőszeg, and the western region in general.

What career other than yours you like to continue?
In another life, I’d be eager to teach art history.

What is the work you certainly do not want?
Legal work, and those that do not require thinking, are monotonous and never-ending.

Where did you spend your last vacation?
Barcelona and at Lake Balaton.

Where do you hope to spend your next one?
Albania. We were on vacation there twice already. Very nice country, nice people, good food and beautiful beaches. True relaxation there.

What was your favorite band, movie, or hobby as a teen?
My favorite band was a young Hungarian team, the Kimnowak. My favorite movie was The Godfather, the first part and of course my favorite actor is Al Pacino. There are not many hobbies, mostly reading and watching movies, I love movies, when the Academy Awards are getting ready, I'll try to watch all the films competiting.

Apart of temptation what can’t you resist?
Home-made cakes, cookies and sweets (not chocolate).

Red wine or white?
Dry white. But sweet as well, for example, Bolyki Jani’s Metatéma I can not resist.

Book or movie?
Books and films. If you have a movie that's based on the book, then first the book, then the movie. I like books in many genres. I like historical novels, my favorites are about the Roman Empire by Steven Saylor (Sub Rosa series) but I also like to read about the Middle Ages. Sci-fi is close to me, I especially like Iain M. Bank's books.

Morning person or night person?
I used to be a real owl. now I have two children, so it is difficult to stay up at night.

What social issues do you feel most strongly about?
Especially those that affect our family.

Buda or Pest?
Buda. Not by all means, but if you press for a choice, it would be Buda.

Which achievement in your life are you most pleased about?
I was happy to join a big company as a beginner. Now I am happy that I could leave the big company and build a new career. I constantly work with several companies now, writing articles, consulting.

What would you say is your personal motto?
Horace has the perfect motto: Carpe diem.
I try to live by that, and I teach my daughters to do the same.


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